Wool Out of Wales

100% Leicester Longwool New Wool
Product of Pembrokeshire


Wool Out Of Wales produces wool from Leicester Longwool (English Leicester) sheep. The unique climate of Wales produces a long grass growing season and high average rainfall which contributes to a lush, lustrous and long staple on these historic sheep which are also known as Robert Bakewell’s Dishley Leicesters. The Blossomfield Leicester Longwool Flock is white and we have a separate black flock.

We have been producing wool for nearly forty years and are very proud of the product.

In recent years we have been processing the wool in Biella, Piedmont, Northern Italy. The town has a thousand year history of wool processing and uses the melt water of the Alps, eleven villages/families work on the processing in total from greasy wool to yarn with an unrivalled soft handle as a result.

The wool improves with age and becomes more lustrous with the years.

The products are currently only available at: Maryland Sheep and Wool, New York State Sheep and Wool (Rhinebeck), & Ocean City Fiber Fest.